About Us

Our Story

Founded by two cousins in Ottawa, Frisk is the product of over two years of research and development. Our mission is to allow as many people as possible switch to natural deodorant, without sacrificing the performance they expect from a conventional deodorant!

Our philosophy

We believe everything that we need to care for our bodies comes naturally from our planet, which is why we source only natural ingredients for our natural deodorant. By paying immaculate attention to every step of the process from sourcing top quality ingredients to shipping the deodorant to you efficiently, we provide you the experience you deserve.  

What makes us different?

From inception, we started with you in mind. After fine tuning the recipe for two years, we now have a perfect substitute for conventional deodorants for everyone... whether you are a cross-fit athlete, business executive, stay at home super parent, firefighter, or anyone in between.