Why do we smell?

If you’re anything like us (or thousands of others across the globe) you’ve had that “oh shit” moment after an intense yoga class or a long day at work where you’ve questioned whether or not your deodorant failed you and more importantly, if the yogi beside you smelt “that” while you were in downward dog. While some of us can’t say we’ve struggled with serious body odor issues our entire lives, most of us do lead busy and sometimes stressful lifestyles that have caused us to be in situations where our deodorants either flopped or saved us.


First off, you’re not the only one in that hot flow class that’s hoping their “personal scent” went unnoticed. So seriously, why do we smell? In an effort not to bore you and get straight to it, here is the Coles Notes version of this answer:

Your sweat actually doesn’t smell. The bacteria found on your body and your apocrine glands however, do. The latter is the main culprit for body odor because the sweat these glands produce is high in protein, and bacteria has no issue breaking it down. This is where Frisk comes in.


The superstar ingredient we use to mitigate smell and bacteria is none other than activated charcoal. When we say our deodorant can literally detoxify your armpits, it’s because activated charcoal does just that- it absorbs toxins and cleanses your skin making it harder for bacteria to make you smell. On top of all that, activated charcoal can absorb excess moisture and control humidity levels on the applied area. Basically, Frisk will keep you dry and smelling pretty great.


In short, stop stressing (that’s why we titled this blog post “why do WE smell”). Shower daily, wear breathable fabrics when you’re working out, and use Frisk instead of those other guys. We’ve got you.